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                             Tony Peroutky, Action & Nature Photographer & Pat Peroutky, Gallery Manager and Photographer

About Tony

    About Tony and His Photography! 

         "My goal, when taking a photo, is to capture 
          the moment and make someone want to be where 
          I was when I took the picture."

     Tony currently resides in Avon, Minnesota, and has been a Minnesota resident all of his life.  He's had a camera in his hands for over 40 years, providing him with a creative outlet that is constantly changing - from the subjects of his photos to the equipment and technological advances used to process them.  He has developed a talent for subject selection and presentation of images.  When taking photos, Tony strives to "capture the moment," looking for the best angle and experimenting with light and composition.  His overall goal is to make others want to "be where he was" when he took the picture.  He shares his experience and photography skills through community education and workshops, and is an instructor for The Tree House Studio & Learning Center in Avon, MN. 

Artist Statement by Tony:  
     "I'm a man of few words, hoping that my actions and photography speak volumes.  I do all kinds of photography, but absolutely love action and nature photography.  I strive to capture a feeling that I can pass on when sharing my photos with others.  When it comes to sports and action shots, I challenge myself to capture the 'spirit of the competition.'  I'm especially drawn to nature and find it both peaceful and energizing to be in the midst of it.  My style for nature photography has an 'earthy' or natural quality.  As a certified Minnesota Master Naturalist, my philosophy about nature photography comes from a naturalist point of view.  Nature is more than taking good photos.  It is respecting and preserving nature along the way so others can enjoy what I have enjoyed."  

His motto? 
     "Leave only footprints, pack-in/pack-out and take only memories (photos).  Nature is an art in itself, and I hope I do it justice."  

In the Community:
     Tony's photos are displayed in the area and he participates in many local and regional art shows.  He has submitted photos in area art shows and has won several awards through the Art for Artists exhibit and the Arboretum at St. John's University.  You will find him in the community where he teaches classes, presents at conferences and promotes the art of photography.  Tony provides volunteer photography services for several area events and organizations and has been featured in several local and organizational publications/websites.  In addition, he is an active member and/or volunteer for the following local and professional organizations:  

                           Arboretum at St. John's University (Collegeville, MN)
                                     Avon Area Arts Association (Avon, MN)
                             Kelby Training Online Educational Training Series
                                    Minnesota Master Naturalist Organization
                      NAPP - National Association of Professional Photographers
                                     National Eagle Center (Wabasha, MN)
                               United Arts of Central Minnesota (St. Cloud, MN)

     Tony sells his photography, including prints, magnets, bookmarks, calendars and note/gift cards.  A gift store will be added to this website shortly, so please check back.  Or Contact Us directly for information on products and pricing.  A Portfolio of galleries is included in this site with additional images available directly through Tony.  

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